Is Omaze legit?

Omaze launched in the UK in 2020, but it was previously founded in the US. The company is a legitimate “for-profit” fundraising organization that conducts draws to make money for itself and a selected charity.

In the UK, Omaze’s business model differs from that of the US. For its latest Somerset House draw, it guarantees that 17% of sales will go toward the RSPCA.

Additionally, Omaze has pledged to donate a minimum of £1 million to the animal charity, regardless of its entry sales. Put simply, even if the draw results in a loss, the RSPCA will still receive a £1 million donation.

After accounting for other expenses such as prize money, the purchase of the prize-winning home, salaries, and a mass-marketing campaign, the remainder is kept as profit.

Has anyone ever won an Omaze draw?

Earlier this year, Omaze offered a £3.5 million house in Scotland as a prize in a charity fundraising campaign. The winner of the prize was a man named Jon, according to Omaze.

The winner, who is based in Berkshire, expressed his delight in winning the prize and said that it was an absolute dream come true.

This was one of seven house draws that took place over the course of 2023.

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